Our Staff

Springview Assisted Living is an amazing place that delivers excellent care, thanks to some wonderful people.

Our staff is comprised of compassionate professionals who enjoy working with seniors. They make other people’s lives better through their dedication, initiative and skill. 

Beverly Dix – Administrator/Owner contact: bev@springviewassistedliving.com
Pam Senecal – Administrative Assistant contact: pam@springviewassistedliving.com
Janice Worth – Resident Care Director (placement) contact: janice@springviewassistedliving.com
Jonathan Howerton – Senior Manager (employment) contact: jonathan@springviewassistedliving.com
Tammy Rowe – Life Enrichment Director contact: tammy@springviewassistedliving.com
Lora Powers – Medical Transportation contact: lora@springviewassistedliving.com
Richard Faucette – Maintenance Engineer contact: richard@springviewassistedliving.com


Springview Assisted Living: (336) 222-8913
1032 N Mebane St - Burlington, NC - 27217
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